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Minister for Foreign Affairs 22.6.2011 -

Member of the Parliament, Social Democratic Party 1970-79 and from 1991-

Chairman of the Grand Committee (EU affairs)
04.5.2007 - 22.6.2011

Minister for Foreign Affairs 25.2.2000 - 18.4.2007

Minister of Trade and Industry 1999 - 25.2.2000

Vice-Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Group 1991-96, Chairman 1996-99.

Erkki Tuomioja worked as a journalist before being elected to parliament. He was Deputy Mayor in Helsinki 1979-91. He has a Ph.D. in political science, B.Sc. in economics and holds a lectureship in political history in the University of Helsinki.

Erkki Tuomioja is author of 18 books, including Europe and the Nordic Fringe written in English and published in 1991. An english resumé of his Ph.D. dissertation on Pekka Kuusi - can be read here




Speeches and articles

Speech  at the Seminar International Support Group for Lebanon, 5.3.2014, Paris

Speech  at the "BSPC-CBSS-BASREC Seminar on Energy Efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region, 4.3.2014, Helsinki

Speech  Sustainable Develobment and Post-2015 Agenda, Diplomatic Academy in Lima, 14.1.2014

Words  at the Reception in Lima, 13.1.2014

Speech at the Baltic Sea Labor Forum Round Table, 1.11.2013, Helsinki

Speech  at the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Tromsø, 29.10.2013

Speech "The Objectives of the Finnish BEAC Chairmanship 2013-2015", Tromsø, 29.10.2013

Speech "Mediation - European and North East Asian Perspectives", Round Table at the ASAN InstituteASAN Institute, Soul, South Korea

Speech "Finland and Arms Control"  at the 40thAnniversary of Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention (VERIFIN) and the Finnish Research Project on the Verification of Chemical Disarmament

Speech "Strengthening partnerships, increasing Nordic influence in the UN", Hanaforum 13.9.2013

Speech  to the Paasikivi Society, 4.9.2013

Speech  in the ceremony where the Arms Trade Treaty opened for signature at the United Nations, 3.6.2013, New York

Speech at Seminar Preventive, Responsive and Effective? –The Role of Mediation in Implementing the Responsibility to Protect , 20.3.2013, Helsinki

Speech "Global Swing States and the Future of Democracy and Human Rights Promotion" at The FIIA Seminar 21.1. 2013

Speech "Facilitator´s views on the civil society contribution to the process" at the Seminar "Middle East without Weapons of Mass Destruction – Civil Society Input", Helsinki, 16.12.2012

Speech "To Cope with Extreme Ideologies" at the seminar "Speaking is Silver"  Hanasaari, 14.12.2012

Speech "Publication of Finland's Action Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean" , Säätytalo, Helsinki 13.2.2013

Speech "Syria - the day after " at the Ministerial meeting between The European Union and the League of Arab states, 13.11. 2012, Cairo


Speech "Future of the Baltic Sea Region"  at the 25th Anniversary Seminar of the Pan-European Institute The Baltic Sea Region, Turku, 25.10.2012

Child issues have hit the headlines in a negative sense again in both the Finnish and Russian media, 7.10.2012

Speech at the Launch of the Guidance for Effective Mediation , New York, 28.9.2012

Speech at the Friends of Mediation Ministerial Breakfast  in New York, 28.9.2012

Speech at the Friends of Mediation Ministerial Breakfast in New York , 27.9.2012

Speech at the Special Ministerial Meeting of ECOSOC , United Nations, New York, 24.9.2012

Speech "a Focus on Victims " at the Seminar "10 Years of International Criminal Court", Tallinn, 10.9.2012

"Challenges arising from the current economic and financial crisis " Speech at the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, Council of Europe, 10.9.2012, Helsinki

Speech  at the Meeting of the International Contact Group, 17.6.2012, Helsinki

Transfer Pricing: Alternative Methods of Taxation of Multinationals , 13.06.2012, Little Parliament, Helsinki

Speech at the Ambassador Jaakko Iloniemi's 80th Anniversary Conference EUROPE AND GLOBAL CHALLENGES, 8.6.2012, Helsinki

Speech "The Role of Member States in Mediation"   Informal High-Level Meeting on Mediation, New York, 23.5.2012

Regional Actors as Vectors of Peace - What Role for the EU?,Conference organized bu the Crisis Management Iniative and the European Parliament, 25.4.2012, Brussells


Speech "Global and Regional Perspectives – Consequences of the Geopolitical" at the Seminar Changing Security Environment - Challenges in the North, 12.4.2012, Hanasaari, Helsinki

The Role of Mediation in Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, speech"The prospects of the Åland example as a tool of Nordic Peace Mediation, 10.4.2012, Kansalaisinfo, Helsinki

Speech at the Armenian Diplomatic Academy: More Cooperation is More Security; Responding to hallenges of our time, 4.4.2012, Armenia

Speech at Attac Denmark, 10.3.2012

What More Could Finland Do to Assist Somalia, Somalia-seminar, 25.1.2012, Helsinki

Defending Women's Human Rights in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations  - Experiences from UNSC Resolutions and CEDAW Practice –seminar, 17.1.2012

Long Term Engagement – The Role of Afghan women , International Afghanistan Conference, 5.12.2011 Bonn

Do not leave the women behind, The article was published in Al Akhbar al Youm on 20 November 2011

From Crisis Management to Conflict Prevention - How can the World Survive Haaga Helia ja Laurea International Week Porvoo 14.4. 2011

Conflict Prevention and the European Union . Representation of the European Commission in Helsinki 7.2.2011

From Crisis Management to Conflict Prevention. Is the EU up to the Task?  Speech at the Royal United Service Institute, London 18.1.2011.

From Crisis Management to Conflict Prevention . A World Without Walls - ICG Conference on Peacebuilding, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World, Berlin 7.11.2010


The Future of Progressive Culture and Politics.  At Research and Policy days of Kalevi Sorsa Fundation, 5.11.2010, Helsinki

The Baltic Sea Region as an area of Peace and Security in the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 3. International Conference on Cooperation, Security, Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Baltic Sea Region in Berlin 11.-12.6.2010


The Role of Soft Power in EU Common Foreign Policy  International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin 30.7.2010

 The Effects of the Prague Spring in Europe   Speech at a seminar at the Aleksanteri-institute 2.6. 2008, arranged by Aleksanteri-instituutti and the Czech and Slovak Embassies in Helsinki

Erkki Tuomioja was one of the keynote speakers at a seminar arranged jointly by The Finnish Institute in London, the New Statesman and the London School of Economics on May 29th 1998. His remarks on the subject of the seminar: Blairism, a Beacon to Europe?

On May 4th 1999 Erkki Tuomioja lectured at the LSE in a Conference on Finland´s EU Presidency arranged together with the Finnish Embassy in London on Finland and the Euro.

Erkki Tuomioja spoke at a seminar arranged by the European Environmental Bureau on Brussels 25.11. His speech on "On environment and ecology" can be read here.

Mr. Tuomioja spoke at the Geneva Conference on Chemical Weapons Disarmament 27.3.2000. His speech can be read here

Erkki Tuomioja gave an address at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Berlin on 10 May 2000. It can be read here

The First Interparliamentary Meeting on the Tobin Tax was held at the European Parliament, Brussels 28 June 2000, Mr. Tuomioja's speech can be read here

The 25th Anniversary of the CSCE/OSCE was celebrated in Tampere on August 1st 2000. Minister Tuomioja's speech on the occasion can be read here.

Speech in Tampere, 23 January 2001, at the Paasikivi society:"The European Union after Nice"

The Economist Conference was held in Athens on 3rd April. Ministers speech on "Leadership strategy following the Nice summit: is there a vision for a united Europe?" can be read here

Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja on the terror attacks in the Finnish Parliament on 13 September

Article by Foreign Ministers Anna Lindh and Erkki Tuomioja in International Herald Tribune 3rd July 2002

Lecture by Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, at the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Tallinn, 27th August 2002.

Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja, at the General Assembly of UN in New York, U.S.A., 14.9.2002

Remarks by Erkki Tuomioja, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, at the Chatham House, London, 27th September 2002

Opening speech by Mr Erkki Tuomioja at Arctic Council 3rd Ministerial meeting in Inari, Finland, October 9-10, 2002

Address by Mr Erkki Tuomioja at the 111. Ministerial Session of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Strasbourg, 6 - 7 November 2002

Remarks by Erkki Tuomioja, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Embassy of Finland, Stockholm, 14 November, 2002

Presentation by Mr Erkki Tuomioja, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Embassy of Finland, Moscow, 7th February, 2003

Does the European Union have a human rights policy with regard to Chechnya, at the seminar of the Amnesty International, Helsinki, 28th February, 2003

Whither the Third Way?, Oxford 20th May, 2003

Opening Address by Erkki Tuomioja, Wider Conference on Inequality, Poverty and Human Well-being, Helsinki, 30th of May 2003

Opening Statement by Mr. Tuomioja, at the Conference on "THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT : OPERATIONALIZING THE DUTY TO DEFEND THE VULNERABLE", Majvik, 8th of June 2003

Opening words at the opening of photo exhibition by John Rodstod, organised by the Finnish Campaign to Ban Landmines, 11.9.2003

Statement by Mr. Tuomioja at the Seminar on Media Values in the Defence Forces, 8.10.2003, Helsinki

Article in Financial Times, 28.10.2003

Statement by Mr. Tuomioja at the Council of Europe Ministerial Meeting, 6.11.2002, Chisinau, Moldova

"For a genuinely European Defence", speech at the WEU Parliamentary Assembly, 2.12.2003, Paris, France

The Helsinki Process: Globalisation and Democracy, speech at the 4th World Social Forum, Mumbay, India, 18.1.2004

"Toughen the treaties", joint article in The International Herald Tribune 27.1.2004, by Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Erkki Tuomioja, of Sweden, Laila Freyvalds and of Greece, George A. Papandreou

"Sustainable development", speech at a seminar "EU and Russia - Upcoming Challenges of Globalization", organised by STETE and Aleksanteri Institute, 4.2.2004

The European Security Strategy: where next?, speech at a seminar, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, 25.2.2004

Opening address at "The Mosaic", 3rd Annual Helsinki Seminar on International Criminal Law, 1.3.2004

The Challenges of Enlargement - Pitfalls and Opportunities, speech, Copenhagen 2.3.2004

Statement to the UN Commission on Human Rights, Geneva 17.3.2004

MIGRATION ON THE INCREASE - IS FINLAND READY FOR IT?, speech at the Cultural Centre Caisa, Helsinki, 7.5.2004

"The EU of Twenty-Five", address at the Seminar entitled "The EU of Twenty-Five", at the University of Helsinki, 10.5.2004

"New opportunities to be opened for the Baltic countries", at the Baltic Ports Organization General Assembly 2004, Helsinki, 3.6.2004

Enhancing export control on small arms; the International Arms Trade Treaty and other initiatives, intervention at an international workshop, Helsinki, 3.6.2004

On Arab Reforms, speech at the conference 'Arab Reforms and the Challenges for EU Policies', 16.9.2004

"Security in the Globalising World", Yerevan, 5.10.2004

"Turkey and the borders of Europe", Seminar at the University of Helsinki, 15.10.2004, Opening Address

Shaping the EU's Future Role in the World, opening address at the GlobalEurope 2020-seminar, Helsinki, 26.10.2004

Nordic and European Security, Keynote Speech, at The European Policy Centre, Brussels, 23.11.2004

Contemporary Challenges and Finnish Membership of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Opening Address, seminar on UN Human Rights Commission, Helsinki, 2.12.2004

Statement at the EAPC Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee , Helsinki, 26.4.2005

Opening speech at the Helsinki Conference, the aims amd achievements of the Helsinki Process , Helsinki, 8.9.2005

"Human rights and globalisation" Speech at the World Federation of the Deaf "Our Rights - our Future" -conference, Helsinki, 30.9.2005

"Northern dimension after 2006" Speech at the "The Future of the Northern Dimension - Successful Partnerships, Cooperation and Business Opportunities -seminar, Lappeenranta, 10.10.2005

"Beyond the year of Development - What Now?", speech at the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank annual conference Helsinki, 22.10.2005

Statement at the Barents Euro-arctic council , Harstad, 10.11.2005

Remarks at Festive Symposium "CSCE/OSCE 30 years and STETE 35 years ", Helsinki, 8.12.2005

Speech at the Finnish Institute of Intenational Affairs seminar "Beyond the cartoon crisis", Helsinki 14.3. 2006

Opening remarks  at the seminar "Channels of Influence in a Crisis Situation - How Can the International Community Support Conflict Resolution and Democracy?", Helsinki, 9.5. 2006

Speech at the 6th Asia-Europe People's Forum, Helsinki, 5.9.2006

EU Statement  on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question. United Nations Security Council, New York, 26.9.2006

Speech  at the Conference of Enhancing Cooperation between Civil Society and EU Civilian Crisis Management. Helsinki, 27.9.2006

Speech  at the EU-US Workshop on Financial Sanctions to Combat Terrorism: Transparency and Fairness in Listing and De-Listing. Helsinki, 27.9.2006

Speech at "Northern Dimension and Nordic Cooperation" -konferenssissa, Hanasaari, Espoo, 17.1.2007

Keynote speech at the International Conference "Inside Globalization: Interpreting the New order" at the University of Helsinki 10.5. 2007

"Historiography and Politics", speech at "The Politics of the Past" -symposium. Jyväskylä, 9.6.2007

Speech at the "Building a Future on Peace and Justice" -conference, Nuremberg, Germany, 26.6.2007

Rumours of War. Column in Helsinki Times, 8.10.2007

The State, Democracy and Civil Society. Speech  in  Nordic, Baltic, Belarus Conference on The role of Politicians in Changing Societies, Vilnius 23.3. 2009

A Nordic Perspective on the Future of Global Democracy with reference to Afghanistan and Central Asia Speech  at the International  Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin 29.5. 2010